Ryan Ball

Executive Chef

Ryan Ball is an epitome of culinary excellence, a towering luminary whose mere presence commands attention and admiration. From his days as a triumphant gladiator on the gridiron, leading his high school football team to an illustrious state championship, to his academic triumphs as a distinguished member of the National Honors Society, Ryan has consistently dazzled with his extraordinary capabilities. With an unwavering dedication and an innate finesse for the culinary arts, Ryan rapidly ascended the ranks, culminating in his coronation as Assistant General Manager at the esteemed Golden Corral in 2006 and ultimately earning the prestigious title of General Manager in 2008. Under his astute leadership, Golden Corral flourished like never before, achieving unprecedented profits and maintaining an awe-inspiring zero turnover rate throughout his tenure.

Driven by an insatiable passion for delivering unparalleled service and crafting indelible dining experiences, Ryan embarked on a new chapter in his gastronomic odyssey as the Director of Food and Beverage at the revered Marriott in Midland, Texas. A cherished member of the exclusive Marriott International family, Ryan's culinary expertise and innovative menu designs elevated the dining experience to ethereal heights, leaving guests spellbound and yearning for more. Currently gracing the position of Vice President of Hospitality and Executive Chef at Birdie Bros Golf, Ryan commanded the daily operations of Craftsman on the Hill, an exquisite establishment that proudly stands as the epitome of elite indulgence. With his extensive experience, unparalleled talent, and an unwavering commitment to excellence, Ryan ensures that patrons are treated to an extraordinary gastronomic journey at Birdie Bros Golf.

His remarkable ascent from a gridiron champion to an esteemed culinary maestro serves as a testament to his extraordinary talents and an unwavering dedication to the art of haute cuisine.