Midweek Match Play

When: Wednesday Nights, January 10th–January 31st, 6pm–9pm

Entry Fee: $300 per team

Prize: 2 hour VIP Room Experience, Bottle of High-End Wine, Merch Basket, and More

Get ready for the ultimate golfing challenge at Birdie Bros' "Midweek Match Play" league, every Wednesday night from January 10th to January 31st, between 6 pm and 9 pm. This fierce competition is all about pairing up, teeing off, and giving it your all in head-to-head match play battles at different notable courses each week. With two golfers per team, the league introduces a thrilling dynamic where strategy and skill collide under the Wednesday night lights.

The Midweek Match Play league isn't just about competing—it's about forging connections, conquering diverse courses, and aiming for that sweet victory. The grand prize awaits the team that finishes the league with the best record, and it's a package of perks that'll make your golfing triumph even sweeter. Picture this: a 2-hour VIP Room experience, a bottle of top-shelf wine, a merch basket, and more—all up for grabs for the team that dominates the competition. So, whether you're a seasoned golfer or looking to try something new, grab your golfing partner, sign up, and get ready for a Wednesday night golfing experience like no other. It's not just a game; it's the Midweek Match Play journey at Birdie Bros.